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    Eating & drinking Lifestyle

    La Pepita

    Address: Pla?a Verdaguer, 9 Tarragona (Spain)
    Tel:?+34 699 493 448
    Website: La Pepita’s?FB page

    During my stay in Spain, I went with some friends to have dinner at La Pepita, in Tarragona. La Pepita is a new restaurant located in the center of the city, near its older sister La Lola.

    La Pepita 1

    As it’s typical in Spain, the restaurant has a terrace but, since it’s already a bit cold outside,?we decided to have dinner inside. Its interior is cozy?and welcoming, combining wooden tables and chairs with elements like lovely wallpapers, vintage objects?and flowers everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling. One of my favorite?pieces is that they have recycled?old theater?armchairs into seats for the restaurant.

    La Pepita 2
    La Pepita 3
    La Pepita 4
    La Pepita 5
    La Pepita 6
    To start, we shared three tapas: hummus accompanied with bread (6.60€), braves al caliu (kind of spicy potatoes) (4.60€) and provolone with sobrasada (6.90€), also with some bread.

    La Pepita 7
    La Pepita 8
    La Pepita 9

    Then we ordered two “pepites”, their specialty. A “pepita” is a kind of thin and crunchy?dough, similar to puff pastry. One “pepita” was with cheddar cheese, bacon and egg (7.20€), and the other one was with chicken, goat cheese and lamb’s lettuce (7.10€).

    La Pepita 10
    La Pepita 11

    We?finished this delicious dinner with two desserts (around 5€ each): an almond cake with cream, and a “pepita” that was double, one filled with white chocolate and the other with dark chocolate.

    La Pepita 12
    La Pepita 13

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  2. Reply
    December 22, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    Wow, the food looks so delicious!! And those desserts look amazing! I am hoping to visit Spain someday soon ??

    • Reply
      January 16, 2017 at 11:00 am

      Thanks Marlena! I’m sure you would love Spain! ??

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