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    Eating & drinking

    Eating & drinking Lifestyle

    Swell Co. Cafe

    Address: 台北市大安區四維路23號
    Tel: 02 2700 3003
    Hours: Sun – Thu 10:30am – 8pm, Fri?– Sat 10:30am?– 10:30pm
    Website: Swell Co. Cafe’s?FB page

    Swell Co. Cafe is a nice coffee place located in the center of Taipei, near the Renai Rd. and Dunhua S. Rd. intersection, not too far from Savour Cafe. It’s easy to spot the “Have a swell day” graffiti on the outside wall. As you can see through its big windows, it’s a cafeteria built according to surfing lifestyle. This is reflected in all the decoration, with surfboards hanging on the walls, photos, paintings, and even neon lights. Wooden furniture and many plants, specially cactus, fill the space.

    swell 1

    swell 2

    swell 3

    swell 4

    swell 5

    swell 6

    They serve some food and desserts, which I haven’t tried (yet!) The drink menu is mostly specialised in coffees and teas, but you can also find some other drinks. We ordered a hot flat white coffee (150 NTD), and?a hot kir royal fruit tea (220 NTD). I love the wood coasters!

    swell 7

    swell 8

    Eating & drinking Lifestyle

    Ole Tapas

    Address:?台北市大安區安和路一段109巷4號一樓?Taipei, Taiwan
    Tel:?+886 909 800 433
    Hours: Weekday?6pm – 1am Weekend?6pm – 2am?(Monday off)
    Website: Ole Tapas?FB page

    Ole Tapas Bar is a Spanish restaurant and bar in Taipei. Previously located?in?the Shilin MRT area, a few months ago moved?to the downtown, near Xinyi Anhe MRT, very easy to spot in a not-so-hidden?alley thanks to its luminous sign and the outside fence painted with the Spanish flag. The interior is simply decorated with a few Spanish motifs, like posters or a Spanish map painted on the wall, creating a warm atmosphere.

    ole 1

    ole 2

    ole 3

    ole 4

    Its friendly chef and owner, Alain, comes from a French and Spanish family, making?a singular mix from two very rich cultures, at least talking about gastronomy, and creating his own unique signature in each dish. He goes to the local market every night, after closing the restaurant, selecting the freshest ingredients by himself. Because of that, the menu changes everyday, rotating the selected dishes and making you want to try everything. The available dishes are posted on the wall, both in English and Chinese.

    On this occasion, we tried the whisky shrimps (280 TWD), the clams with white wine sauce?(280 TWD),?the St. Pierre fish with French mustard (2 pieces for 200 TWD), the skewed piquillo with boletus?(200 TWD), eggplant with black sugar cane and a few more. To drink, a good Spanish DO Rioja red wine from their wine collection.

    ole 5

    ole 6

    ole 7

    ole 8

    ole 9

    ole 10

    Eating & drinking Lifestyle

    The Apollo

    Address:?44 Macleay Street,?Potts Point, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    Tel:?+61 2 8354 0888
    Hours: Mon – Thu 6pm – 09:30pm Fri?– Sat?12pm – 11pm Sun 12pm – 09:30pm
    Website: The Apollo’s?FB page

    During our?holidays in Australia, on Christmas Eve?we were in Sydney and all our Sydney friends were already out of the city. So my hubby and I decided to have a romantic dinner at The Apollo. It is located?in the same neighborhood where we were staying and some friends recommended it to us, so it was perfect!

    The Apollo is in a corner, where two of the walls have huge windows that let the natural light come inside during the day. At night, it is still cozy but the?low lighting and the traffic lights outside make?the atmosphere change, in a very intimate way. The elegantly minimalist refurbishment?includes?furniture all made of?wood, bare walls of rough concrete, and warm and simple lamps.

    Apollo 1

    Apollo 2

    Apollo 3

    For dinner, we shared several dishes: fried king prawns (6 AUD EA), warm pita bread (4 AUD) served in an original cardboard box like the pizza ones, baked eggplant with pomegranate and almond salad?(18 AUD), and grilled BBQ octopus with green olives and potato salad (26 AUD). To drink, two glasses of Nick O’Leary white wine (13.5 AUD each). And for dessert, we shared a walnuts file pastry with coffee cream (12 AUD).

    The file pastry dessert was good, though a bit too sweet for my taste. Maybe it is because we were already quite full from the dinner.?Everything was delicious, and you can feel that the ingredients are really fresh. I love this Greek cuisine style, traditional cooking?with a modern twist, using new?elements in the dishes. It is?definitely an excellent choice for that or any other evening!

    Apollo 4

    Apollo 5

    Apollo 6

    Apollo 7

    Apollo 8

    Apollo 9

    Eating & drinking Lifestyle

    Coogee Pavilion

    Address: 169 Dolphin St, Coogee NSW 2034, Australia
    Tel:?+61 2 9240 3000
    Hours: Mon – Sun 07:30am – 12am
    Website: Coogee Pavilion’s?FB page

    During our?holidays in Australia, we?did the Bondi to Coogee walk, near Sydney. It was summer, the sun was shining, the surfers were riding the waves, and we were walking the whole morning. When we arrived at Coogee beach, we saw the beautiful Coogee Pavilion?building and we decided that it was time for a light lunch.

    Coogee Pavilion 1

    Coogee Pavilion 2

    Coogee Pavilion 3

    Over 3 floors, it offers pizza, burgers and Mediterranean dishes. The ground floor as an outside terrace, where seagulls pick the food scraps, and an indoor space full of light and tables where people gather and share their food.

    Coogee Pavilion 4

    Coogee Pavilion 5

    Coogee Pavilion 6

    Coogee Pavilion 7

    Also on the ground floor, there is a nostalgic games arena with games like?noughts and crosses, petanque, ping pong, a giant magnetic scrabble, etc., were kids and not-so-kids can play and have fun.

    Coogee Pavilion 8

    Coogee Pavilion 9

    On our way to the rooftop, we can appreciate that the whole place is inspired by the sea and decorated with maritime motifs, from the colors used to objects like buoys, paintings, etc., keeping the original spirit of the pavilion but in a modern way.

    Coogee Pavilion 10

    Coogee Pavilion 11

    Coogee Pavilion 12

    The rooftop features four indoor and outdoor bars, all with a Coogee ocean view. The light and the ocean breeze entering through the windows fill the space. One remark: the rooftop area is an adults only?space.

    Coogee Pavilion 13

    Coogee Pavilion 14

    Coogee Pavilion 15

    As the weather was really?warm, everybody was enjoying a cold drink outside. For a light lunch, we choose two light dishes asa summer tomato and watermelon salad with burrata, vincotto and basil (23 AUD), and raw tuna, white soy and roasted garlic oil, daikon, shiso, toasted nori (23 AUD),?both super fresh and delicious! To?think about these dishes, it still makes my mouth water!

    Coogee Pavilion 16

    Coogee Pavilion 17

    Eating & drinking Lifestyle

    La Pepita

    Address: Pla?a Verdaguer, 9 Tarragona (Spain)
    Tel:?+34 699 493 448
    Website: La Pepita’s?FB page

    During my stay in Spain, I went with some friends to have dinner at La Pepita, in Tarragona. La Pepita is a new restaurant located in the center of the city, near its older sister La Lola.

    La Pepita 1

    As it’s typical in Spain, the restaurant has a terrace but, since it’s already a bit cold outside,?we decided to have dinner inside. Its interior is cozy?and welcoming, combining wooden tables and chairs with elements like lovely wallpapers, vintage objects?and flowers everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling. One of my favorite?pieces is that they have recycled?old theater?armchairs into seats for the restaurant.

    La Pepita 2
    La Pepita 3
    La Pepita 4
    La Pepita 5
    La Pepita 6
    To start, we shared three tapas: hummus accompanied with bread (6.60€), braves al caliu (kind of spicy potatoes) (4.60€) and provolone with sobrasada (6.90€), also with some bread.

    La Pepita 7
    La Pepita 8
    La Pepita 9

    Then we ordered two “pepites”, their specialty. A “pepita” is a kind of thin and crunchy?dough, similar to puff pastry. One “pepita” was with cheddar cheese, bacon and egg (7.20€), and the other one was with chicken, goat cheese and lamb’s lettuce (7.10€).

    La Pepita 10
    La Pepita 11

    We?finished this delicious dinner with two desserts (around 5€ each): an almond cake with cream, and a “pepita” that was double, one filled with white chocolate and the other with dark chocolate.

    La Pepita 12
    La Pepita 13