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    Truffles Living

    Tel: 02 2708 8961
    Hours: Tue?– Sun?12 pm – 9?pm
    Website: Truffles Living’s?FB page

    Truffles 1

    Truffles Living is not only a coffee place, but also an old furniture shop. Located in a quiet street parallel to Xinyi Rd., you will easily find it?thanks to the big and white sunshade, the wooden entrance with plenty of plants and a beautiful bicycle usually parked there.

    Once inside, the decoration is simple but cozy. The high ceilings and the diaphanous space accommodate both objects and furniture for sell as the comfy sofas, chairs and wooden tables where to enjoy their drinks and food. The big windows make it a light-filled space during the day.?The ambience is usually quiet, offering a perfect spot?to work on your laptop on a Sunday afternoon.

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    They mainly sell old furniture and objects like typewriters or lamps coming from Europe, but you can always find a nice and original surprise like an old jukebox.

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    Besides the drinks, their menu also offers some salads, paninis, and desserts. I ordered a hot latte (150 NTD) and a delicious lemon tart (170 NTD), accompanied by some fruit.

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